Who we are

At the heart of the Mediterranean and with a population of just half a million, the small island of Malta is a very attractive destination due to its mild climate and rich history.

Diverse & Dynamic

Embracing different perspectives, backgrounds, and skills within its workforce, fostering innovation and creativity.

XCiting Group strives to harness the unique strengths of its diverse team to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. Being diverse makes us more united!

Ambition & Creativity

Ambition drives a forward-thinking culture, encouraging innovation, creativity and a proactive approach to challenges.

Engaged & Valued

We want our employees to have the best. With a hybrid and flexible approach, number of initiatives and a collaborative culture, it creates an element of trust and belonging. We don't just work, but we also have fun!

Difference makers

Making a positive impact for our employees, customers, community and industry The world around us is at heart, and we will take care of it too!

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