Interested in working with us?

Our hiring process has several steps that may differ depending on the team and the position. We pick our new team members carefully with the team’s head closely involved.

Our culture is built on transparency, cooperation, ownership and trust. We love and nurture our team and have zero tolerance to any form of discrimination.

Join us in shaping the future and let your career soar to new heights with valued possibilities.

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The People Behind Xciting

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I feel empowered to grow professionally whilst working in a healthy environment that supports one another.
Dylan Schembri
Product Owner
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Working at Xciting has been a delight. From the great work-life balance to the professional development courses, here at Xciting you really feel like a valued employee.
Neil Stafrace
UX/UI Designer
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Xciting embodies the lively and energizing workplace culture I’ve longed for, fuelling my passion and creativity like never before.
Claudio Maccari
Chief Technology Officer
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I love working at XCiting because I feel valued, great benefits, everyone is super friendly and I manage to have a great work-life balance.
Lisa Gambin
Head of HR

Life at Xciting

What's in it for me?

Hybrid Working

Flexibility to work remotely or in-office, fostering productivity, collaboration, and work-life balance.

Relocation Package

Seamless transitions with tailored relocation assistance, easing the process for new hires joining our team

Fun Events

Engage and energise with regular team outings, game nights, and creative workshops fostering camaraderie

Well being allowance

Promote wellness with a generous allowance for gym memberships, mental health resources, and wellness activities.

Competitive Salary & Benefits

Attractive compensation package including competitive salary and comprehensive health benefits.

Diverse Workforce

Foster innovation and inclusivity with a diverse workforce, embracing varied perspectives and driving creative solutions.

Health Insurance

Comprehensive health coverage ensuring employees' well-being and peace of mind for medical needs

Work Life Balance

Prioritise well-being with flexible hours, remote work options, and support for personal time management

Parking Facilities

Convenient parking facilities providing ease of access and peace of mind for employees commuting by car.

Office Lunches

Enjoy delicious office lunches fostering team bonding and convenience, with dietary preferences considered.

Great Offices

Elevate work experience with breathtaking views, inspiring creativity and providing a refreshing environment for innovation.

Working from another location

Enjoy flexibility to work from anywhere, empowering productivity and accommodating diverse lifestyles for optimal work-life balance.

Why Malta?


At the heart of the Mediterranean and with a population of just half a million, the small island of Malta is a very attractive destination due to its mild climate and rich history.

Beyond the appeal of its seascape and cultural value, the island draws in tourists and expats alike, who find it easy to settle into a bilingual country with a thriving local and international community.

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The business sector in Malta is bolstered by a stable economy and attractive income taxes. In addition to a wide spectrum of professional opportunities and a great working culture, the island also comes with the right environment for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Working professionals raising a family can also benefit from the national education system and health care available, as well as take advantage of what the island has to offer in terms of entertainment and leisure.

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Both Malta’s past and present are eclectically multicultural, with many companies becoming increasingly more multinational.

The island’s proximity to Europe means it is well-connected through a number of low-cost airlines, and its growing reputation as a hub for business and innovation has placed this small but promising country firmly on the map.

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