Xciting Studios

Immerse yourself in the world of thrilling entertainment with our game studio, dedicated to the innovation and development of captivating casino games that redefine the gaming experience with excitement and sophistication.

Commercially Appealing

XCiting Studios presents highly enticing rates, growth incentives, and transparent partnership terms, with no hidden expenses. Our aim is mutual advancement through compelling and high-performing content offerings for our clients.

Extensive Reach

XCiting Studios boasts a broad and robust network of top-tier partners, providing an exceptional distribution base for your business. With new operators joining our ranks each month, we're witnessing unparalleled growth in a fiercely competitive market.

Focus on Partnership

At XCiting Studios, you're not just a supplier; you're a valued partner. We are committed to delivering results for you, with your business objectives becoming our shared ambition. Through close collaboration, we provide insights, foster success, and ensure efficient delivery.

Proven Track Record

With a history of demonstrated performance and successful delivery, XCiting Studios has played a pivotal role in launching, sustaining, and expanding numerous partners across various business offerings and services. Our essence lies in aggregation.

Regulatory Proficiency

Navigating the intricate and diverse regulatory landscape is simplified with XCiting Studios. We provide the necessary tools, guidance, and expertise to compete effectively. Leveraging our team of professionals, we're equipped to support and execute your localized market strategy.

Swift Market Entry

XCiting Studios excels in speed-to-market capabilities. We prioritize rapid and efficient delivery to help you achieve your objectives swiftly and effectively.

Our Exclusive Games

Thumbnail for a card game called BetOn Hold'em.

Bet On Hold'em

Join the excitement and showcase your skills in our immersive online poker game, where every hand is a chance to win big.

Thumbnail for a card game called Bird Strike.

Bird Strike

Dive into the addictive thrill of crash games with a whimsical twist, where timing is key as you navigate through exhilarating jumps for lucrative rewards!

Thumbnail for a card game called Lucky Draw Lotto.

Lucky Draw Lotto

Experience the excitement of winning big with our thrilling online lotto game, where luck could change your life in an instant!

Thumbnail for a card game called Open Mic Night.

Open Mic Night

Strum your way to excitement with our unique common draw crash game, where every chord brings the chance for big winnings!

Thumbnail for a card game called Penalty ShootOut.

Penalty Shootout

Kick off the excitement with our crash game featuring a skilled football player taking penalty shots, where each kick holds the promise of big wins!

Thumbnail for a card game called Kilic.


Win against all odds with the card game of Kilic, where you try and guess the outcome of different card combinations to win big.


Curated Games

We offer a select range of games, ensuring quality over quantity for a focused gaming experience.

Streamlined Integration

Connect with a variety of game providers through a straightforward integration process. Our API is designed to simplify, not complicate.

Customisable Offerings

Recognising the unique identity of each operator, our platform provides the flexibility to tailor your game selection according to your business needs.

Regulatory Adherence

All games on our platform are compliant with industry standards, allowing operators to focus on growth without compliance concerns.

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